Saturday, 30 May 2009

Preparatory meeting for young delegates

Yesterday preparatory meeting for young delegates started in Lyon. 13 young delegates from around Europe came to participate here, and at evening session we discussed hopes, fears and expectations concerning the Assembly, and people seems to be quite optimistic.
From my side, I am quite disappointed with the number of young delegates being nominated - only 32 out of nearly 450 delegates (9,4%). Of course, present delegates also raise the concern that youth voice will not be really heard at the Assembly, but still they are quite optimistic. What I would say - every time the same story with young delegates, but the situation is not hopeless. During the couple of days the young delegates will develop some ideas for youth statement, youth witness at the Assembly as well as practice some "procedure" issues - how to make participation not only meanfull, but effective.

We just started reflections on the Assembly theme - "Hope" - and I hope :-) that the delegates which are not present here can share some ideas and reflections on the topic.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

First post: About this blog

Hello out there. This is the first post of this blog. It is meant for all people who are interested in the work of the Assembly of the Conference of European Churches (CEC). The Assembly will take place from 15-21 July 2009 in Lyon/France.

I hope on your interest and participation in the blog. Don’t hesitate to give your comments and your ideas! Hopefully the blog will contribute one little piece to the discussion about the churches as a vibrant part of Europe.