Monday, 13 July 2009

Art & Democracy

Today the programme of the stewards was really full. Especially the afternoon was really hard. We wanted to produce an artwork which will be presented at the Assembly and which shall give an impulse from side of the stewards.

But how to decide on content and design of an artwork with 60 people, if it shall be based on the decisions of the stewards? We discussed really long. Only one or some connected to each other artworks? Is it about hope, about youth, about stewardship, about something else? Should it be critical, or should politics not be mentioned at all? Should it be interactive? Where to place it?

In the end we ended with an interesting work of art. It will be presented at the assembly. What I can say: It is a little bit ironic (about swimming), but nevertheless not simple. And there will be an interactive part.

The session (start: 15.00, end: 19.00, painting at 22.30) impressed me very much , because what we did, was a very good experience of democracy: Decision-making needs a lot of time and strength, if there are a lot of different ideas and point of views: 50 people, 50 positions. More than the decision itself is finding the adequate alternatives, on which you can decide. That's, what I learned today anew.

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  1. This sounds brilliant - really looking forward to seeing the result!