Friday, 17 July 2009

Do we know how rich we are?

I really enjoyed the plenary yesterday afternoon! It was the thematic plenary on hope and I was especially moved by the contributions made by Bishop Julio Murray from Panama and Bishop Munib Younan from the Holy Land, who both urged the assembly and the churches in Europe to accompany churches around the world and to raise their voices for justice, peace, and reconciliation throughout the world. Their speeches challenge us to be with churches in every part of the world, and to witness, together with them the unity we have in Christ. This unity empowers us to be a community that is guided by the living Spirit and engages critically within our societies.
I am thankful for the contributions of the panelists yesterday as they reminded us that Europe is not isolated from what is happening in the world and they urged us not to isolate ourselves.
Yesterday, I was reminded how rich we are as European churches, not only materially, but also rich in diversity of age, gender, heritage, culture, worship, prayer, and structure...
Are we really living this richness? Often I think, we do not. What we as churches often fail to do is fully include all our richness not only in our daily lives, but also in our representative structures.
We see that at this assembly every time when we discuss balances and elect our representative bodies.
So, why do we often not have the courage to live our own richness???

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