Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Printing Problem

I'm really a little bit shocked. Colin Williams is telling us about the changes in the Constitution of CEC and in the Bye-laws to the Constitution.

Even if it's not a real important change - nobody says something about the fact that we haven't got the basic legal documents of the CEC in a printed version. This would be needed to compare the changes of the documents with the other paragraphs there.

I feel not really taken serious as delegate. And I'm wondering that no one of the other 305 delegates is asking, why this is! I didn't want to ask, because I have already said something in the plenary. And I don't want to annoy the Assembly again. :-(

PS: The printing problem cannot be an alibi for not providing the delegates all important and needed documents.

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  1. Tobi
    I do understand your frustration but actually I personally supervised the distribution in the plenary hall of the the document which had the substantive changes set out in it very clearly and this was available for all delegates.
    My real concern for the assembly is that we delegates will never get the chance to have the fruitful and deep discussions that this assembly was so carefully planned to have. Every time someone stands to express their anger at length about not getting documents then this is time that we are not having substantive discussions and that is truly sad.
    There is also a cultural clash here about "how things should be done" about some of these issues.
    Anyway hope you got some sleep last night and maybe see you later today.