Tuesday, 14 July 2009

An experiment in this thing called life

Maryann Philbrook is currently working as a in intern at the WSCF in Geneva, focusing on communication. Like many of you out there, she has a really great blog called "An experiment in this thing called life". Do read it and support her with a few comments. She's just come back from the UNESCO meeting on higher education full of hope. She's writing about the meeting on her blog - once she manages to catch up on a bit of sleep!
The conference was good overall and I am excited for a revival of a global student's movement. Students can be so powerful, if we just get our act together!
This reminds me to link to the UNESCO Courier online. It always has really great articles from an international perspective and is published in several languages too. The most recent issue is called Diversity, a synonym for culture it includes an article about calligraphy - the art that makes words sing and a subject close to my heart.
I suppse this makes me realise that I often draw hope from the things I feel passionate about, things that give me energy and interest me.
Anyway if you have a blog let us know about it and we will try to link to it here, another way of networking and staying in touch.

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