Wednesday, 15 July 2009

What is our vision for the future of ecumenism?

I've been in Lyon since Monday, and am now finding my feet and getting ready for the start of the Assembly later today.

Excitement and anticipation is building, and I am told that the photocopiers are now up and running (well, walking) again. Still no sign of the paper though...

I have just been talking with the lovely Elodie Maurot, a journalist from La Croix, a national daily Catholic newspaper here in France, who is covering the Assembly.

She was speaking to me as a young person taking part in the Assembly - I'm 26 by the way. She asked me a number of questions about what I thought about the Assembly, the future of ecumenism, and a bit about the church scene in my home in Britain, and the Methodist Church in particular.

I guess the article might be posted on La Croix website in the next day or two - I'll keep an eye out for it and will let you know. But I'd be keen to here what your thoughts and reflections are.

I said that I think that many young people are now more excited by celebrating our faith through non-traditional, institutional events. I mentioned Greenbelt and MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY as two examples. I think there is still a place for institutions such as CEC, but it needs to be clear about how its work relates to the mission of the church.

As Elodie was writing for a Catholic paper, I also said that I think it is important that there is an ongoing conversation between CEC and CCEE (the Catholic Bishops' Conference in Europe) about future work together. Churches Together in England is the national ecumenical organisation where I live, and it includes Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox, Free Churches and Pentecostal Churches.

What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for this post David - I really agree that we need to find a new role for institutional ecumenism - not quite sure how institutions do that though - maybe we'll find out this week