Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Note from a Steward

„They are talking about ecumenism, we actually do ecumenism.”
That is one of the statements that has marked the stewards’ preparations for the 13th CeC General Assembly 14-21 juli 2009 in Lyon. I am participating as a steward together with 48 other young Europeans. We are volunteers, and do the practical, technical and administrative work. Our common drive is to make Unity in Diversity. We are from different cultural backgrounds and belong to many different churches, so we are a living proof of ecumenism and the future of Europe. Through workshops, theme nights, role playing, bible studies, and teambuilding we have discussed and reflected upon the theme of the Assembly: “Called to One Hope in Christ.”

Hope is a word that will be repeated throughout the Assembly. Hope for the Churches, hope for Europe, hope for ecumenism. We are all excited to find out what will be said at the Assembly and what decisions will be made in the following days.

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