Saturday, 11 July 2009

Rumours of delivery of the Handbook

Rumours reached Geneva yesterday that the assembly handbook was about to be delivered to the Congress Centre. This is good news - well we hope it is good news, I seem to remember that there was something about the delivery arrived but no one was there to unload the books. Anyway I'm sure the books will be there for us to fill into the great new bags once we start work on Monday.
If you want a sneak preview you can download it here.

However, what we really want to know is have the stewards all arrived yet? What are you guys up to? We need you to post to the blog folk, at this stage it doesn't need to be profound - though of course we would like to know your thoughts on hope for Europe and Ecumenism.
Also try to sign up both yourselves and get your member churches to sign up for our twitter feed - I'm thinking about the press room issuing a daily blog and twitter challenge - a resumé of your day at the assembly in 140 keystrokes. More about that soon!

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