Thursday, 16 July 2009

Midday break in the Congress Center

Lunch time is over, coffee drunken, not much work to do - so i went on my way to give you an impression of stewards working. Or better: I wanted to. The most people I met did not have a lot to do. At first I met Johannes at the Entrance - he should check the badges of people coming in - unfortunately there came nobody...

One floor further upstairs the same situation, no people at the Agora, Ragnhild and Lilla at the CCME-stand have time to eat, to discuss, to laugh;
Wladimir ist reading anything - nothing to do at the moment.

In the Plenary Hall at least I find Annie and Heinrich working.

Upstairs in the stewards room people are enjoying their break - with fresh fruits and chocolate cookies for the hard working stewards not getting ill. (normally we are working hard! ;) )

At the entrance hall Sonya is talking to one of the romanian delegates...

therefore we need breaks: to meet and talk (to) the important people!

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