Friday, 17 July 2009

Consensus and conciliation

Although most of the plenary sessions today have been taken over with procedural wrangling about the reform motion proposed by the EKD, it looks as though we now have a consensus.

Over lunch it appears that the 'rival' groups - the EKD and the Nordic-Baltic alliance have got together and agreed a compromise motion.

It has taken a lot of time but I think that it has been worth it. Far better to have an agreement on what direction to go in. A hopeful sign, I think.

The vote (a secret ballot) will take place in 30 minutes time, but I've not heard any speeches against the idea of reform.

When the proposers of the resolution announced they had agreed a compromise there was applause in the plenary hall. I think the feeling is quite optimistic, despite the changes to the planned agenda.

1 comment:

  1. A near to perfect rainbow above Prague, the starting place for many religious wars in the past.
    Nice symbol.
    Congratulations to the assembly.
    And wishing the 'constitutional body' best in fitting the 'square pegs into round holes'.
    Let you direct them and us to Hope.