Saturday, 25 July 2009

What is your favourite song in the assembly hymn book?

I really hope you have all taken copies of Gloria Deo, the CEC assembly hymnbook home with you. It's got great hymns, songs and chants from around the world and has things you can share with your church, youth group or prayer group. Hope you go on enjoying it long after the assembly.

I've just written on my own blog about two of the hymns. No 40 Tenemos esperanza and No 43 Toi qui gardes le silence. There's a short sermon about Tenemos esperanza on the CEC website by me too. If you ever get a chance to sing it with Latin Americans it is an amazing experience, a real anthem of hope and resistance.

So now a more open question, what is you favourite hymn or song in your own language? Fancy doing a recording of it for us here?


  1. Toi qui gardes la silence is a wonderful one. My favorite is Our Father (Russia), song nr.34. Very simple and very strong. Similarly also Holy God, nr.20.

  2. Thanks Dora - and sorry not to read your comment until now!