Saturday, 18 July 2009

Green conference?

The assembly's handbook makes it very clear that the 13th cec assembly aims to be an environmentally friendly one. I am impressed by the intention to offset the negative impacts of travel by supporting an environmental project which contributes to CO2 reduction. But at the same time I have never seen so much plastic as here at this conference: there are plastic water bottles at all levels of the building, accompanied by an army of plastic cups. I really like the meals here. But when staff and delegates sat down to dinner on Tuesday evening, it was almost impossible to see each other because of the amount of plastic covering the pre-prepared food. And in the morning, when we eat breakfast at the INSA-canteen, it takes a good number of minutes to sort out all the wrappings for jam, butter, sugar, tea bags, juice, and yogurt. The same happened with yesterday's lunch packets too…

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