Sunday, 12 July 2009

Twitter at the CEC Assembly - get tweeting folks!

Maybe some of you are already signed up for twitter. It's a bit of a weird idea but basically you have 140 keystrokes to say something about what you are doing, thinking, working on, experiencing, praying ...
This CEC Assembly has a twitter feed. On it you can read headlines and links to press releases from the assembly press room. We've now set it up so that every time someone writes a post on the blog this will also generate a "tweet" and link to the blog.
If you go to the assembly website and look on the right hand side you can read the twitter feed there and get an idea of what it's all about - you can even read some of our mistakes as we learnt about how to get the system working!
At the time of writing we already have "29 followers" and we're keen to have more by the end of the assembly - if your church or organisation is on twitter then encourage them to follow the assembly this week and of course if you are already on twitter then we want to know and we hope you will follow @cecassembly too.
From the press room we will try to give you a twitter theme each day for you to write your tweets about. But you're welcome too to tweet about any aspect of the assembly and its work. As
not all of you have access to the password to post to the CEC twitter feed we will also have some special twitter sheets for you to write your tweets on, then you just bring them to the press room and when we have a moment we'll post them for you.
Anyway twitter is a useful newsfeed but it can also be good fun - reducing what you're doing to 140 keystrokes - and it's way to stay in touch with friends. Give it a try and here's your first twitter theme.
For the next couple of days while things are getting set up and people are arriving and getting to know one another you're invited to think and tweet about what "waiting in hope" means for you.

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