Saturday, 11 July 2009

Crossing the border is forbidden

There is missing an Ukrainian steward. What happened?
She applied for a Schengen visa at the French embassy in Ukraine, and they refused her to give one. When CEC asked, what's the reason, the answer was:
"We don't know, if she will return to Ukraine. Besides, this conference is not important."

I'm really angry about: what kind of ridiculous answer is that? Young people want to travel through Europe, get to know each other, learn about other countries and cultures - but the borders cannot be crossed? And why a meeting of all important churches within Europe (except the Roman Catholic Church) is not important?

This case shows that visa regimes have to be changed - even if most Europeans can travel in Europe freely, some of them may not. And the perception of CEC also should be improved. It shouldn't be possible that some state administrators doesn't consider Ecumenism as important!


  1. Tobias thanks for this post. I really understand your anger. Visa regulations are beginning to make all kinds of itnernational work involving actualy real human beings very very difficult.
    I am very sad that it has also affected the youth delegates and stewards for the assembly in Lyon - let us hope indeed that one day it will be possible to live without such an obsession with borders.

  2. Have also tweeted this story - but we must sort out the tweet feed here - will try maybe tomorrow but I can't access teh layout of the blog - I'll try and phone Annie later - great what you're all doing - hope it's going well!

  3. That's reality for our countries.