Friday, 17 July 2009

The important question of reforming CEC

Now is the first really important part of the Assembly. My delegation from the EKD (Protestant Church in Germany) has made a motion for a reform of the CEC Constitution within the next three years, elaborated by a small and independent commission of 13 people.
Some Skandinavian churchs have made an amendment with a reform process, which lasts six years and is mainly organised by the Central Committee.

There are a lot of arguments in favour of both positions. All agree, that a reform is needed. The main point, as I see it, is the question of participation of the member churches in the future structure of CEC and the future of the three commissions (CSC, CiD, CCME). Some people fear that in a fast process in a small working group the big churches get too much influence. Also, they only may listen to the member churches and other interests, but they don't have to.
Important is also the question of money. CEC is not well funded, especially because of the economic crisis which has made it difficult for a lot of member churches to pay their member fee.

A very big number of delegates is willing to speak. So let's see, what happens, and what the Assembly will decide.


  1. Wunderbar ein Blog vom PLenarsaal!

  2. Now there are a lot of amendments to the original motion or to the Finnish-Swedish amendment. It starts to become complicated.

  3. You might appreciate helping yorurself with my early afternoon facebook status.

    Watches the CEC assembly:
    assembling and arguing on if to argue about tactics in 2013 or in 2015, whether to continue the argument on committee, working group or assembly level.
    Envisioning visions and strategies for 2029.

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