Saturday, 18 July 2009

Wind of change...?

Yesterday: two motions on the future of KEK were brought forward; discussion of both motions brings fresh air to things. Discussions and arguments go backwards and forwards - in the end: a compromise out of navelgazing, vision and setting clear deadlines. Is this what will bring KEK into the future?
Today: a new attempt. I go to the workshop on the position of KEK within the wider ecumenical movement which includes the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, the World Council of Churches, the Lutheran World Federation, to name a few. Quickly here to we also started talking about the future and even more about hopes and visions. What is the goal of KEK? What should the goal of KEK be? The earlier role to lead bilateral discussions was mentioned and the role of KEK to support churches with their goals, but also the lack of experience that church members have with the ecumenical movement. All of this was mentioned in our discussion. KEK does not manage to reach the grassroots and to motivate people in local churches for the work of KEK. Who in your church knows about KEK? But set against this are small steps like common prayers with other confessions - and that despite financial problems and without a helping organisation like KEK to organise it.
A lot can be done by the beating of a butterfly’s wings: the wind which is blowing us in the right direction, if we set the sail properly. But in what direction are we setting the sail? Saint-Exupèry, for whom the airport here in is named, said: we must give people the desire to go to sea, so that they build a ship. Perhaps KEK must also recognize that it cannot only resolve it current questions through clarity about structures and tasks but that people at the grassroots need to be remotivated for the ecumenical movement in their churches. Perhaps even beyond Christianity itself.

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